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labinlab56 - 1164065.1 | LABfactorys Artist in Residence Program primary based on a focused exchange of skills, shared interests and project development processes of Artists across Europe.

OBJECTIVITIES Basically designed for artists working at the cutting edge of performance, science and media objectivities of the Residency is to encourage Artists to develop and present their work in collaboration with local or international artists to a wide audience. In addition the transfer of Knowledge - Laboratories, Work-Groups and Workshops with Artists in Residence - is basic part of the Residency. Focussing on network/ing actions, connecting artists, their projects and products as well as sharing  knowledge. Thus establishing a trans disciplinary and trans national network of individuals, collectives and communities – developing so-called “cultural competency” of “cultural players”  - but first of all challenging current key issues in art and socio/politics, public and private.

Providing a local as well as global human network of conceptual artists, performers, scientists, programmers, theorists, activists ... primary aims of the program is to promote transnational cross-media and cross-sector cooperation’s. Therefore creating (new forms of) political, cultural and artistic alliances - for this is the solely approach to face one of the urgent socio-political challenges: A “growing” European union. Encouraging the development of a pluralistic political public which is providing factual conditions for an exchange of “cultural differences”, spaces of articulation as well as strategies of (self) empowerment with an socio-political dimension.

• Ema Konstantinova arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
(BG) March - May 2008

''rough cuts''
28.05.2008 arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

Residencies :

• Jaume Nualart 
(ES) March - June 2007 arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

• David Bovill
(UK)  Feb - May 2006 arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

InterSpace (BG)
HIAP- Helsinki International Artist-In-Residence
Programme (FI)
riereta (ESP)
C.E.S.T.A (CZ) arttoday association (BG)

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