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artists in residence
LABfactorys Artist in Residence Program primary based on a focused exchange of skills, shared interests and project development processes of Artists across Europe... morearrsmall1 - 1132768.1

underground city
Internet platform “Underground City XXI” aims to establish a specific Internet based cultural  & art community, created as an on line collaborative multimedia platform, by developing a virtual 3D
multi-user environment shared and distributed on Internet, based on real dimensions and situation of ex-coal mine in Labin, Croatia... morearrsmall1 - 1132768.1

future systems
engagement through the directly experiential and the critical popular, but not populist. (experimentation with a variety of new means and ways of presentation and audience access that minimize and transform standard conventions of art mediation, display and presentation; create creative work that is charming, seductive and confrontational, that can charm, attract, seduce and confront... morearrsmall1 - 1132768.1

is a broadcast discussion room for contemporary art and its discourse, developing an interface between electronic and physical space. Its about opinion making and opinions -  staged within the physical space, uploaded and broadcasted to the Internet to form a medial and electronic sculpture. Content-related and artistic exchanges of contributors on an interactive platform as well as topics and possibilities of discourse are reminiscent of all progressive social, political and aesthetical installations... morearrsmall1 - 1132768.1

olfactory arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

public space
„cubus“ is an sculpture of the vacant discourse, defining public spaces in it's ambivalence. Opening not only imaginatory spaces for the public but rooms for& of its discourse. A urban camuoflage, pretending to be/hold the public space in it's most minimized size - space which is defining in the so-called urbanistic discourse in first line through its absolute absence... morearrsmall1 - 1132768.1

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