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fragmented city


05 bis 09-2010



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Along the course of the simulated Underground City 21 in Vienna we will be meeting guests with special knowledge in talks, at-table-situations and lecture performances. This is part of a discours programme that takes place over the course of the period. More extensive talks and lectures are taking place at the larger meeting points, Theater Nestroy Hof and Lab Factory.

The Forum Discours-Dramaturgy had its first public appearance at Volksbühne Berlin and is being hosted in Vienna for the first time, moderated by Natalie Driemeyer and Jan Deck.

The fragmented City and dissappearance of public space features, amongst others:

Fahim Amir/ theoretician, cultural producer (AFG/A)
Robert Jelinek/Sabotage, artist (A)

Anja Junghans / die Urbanauten cultural scientist (D)

Verena Kuni/ art-media theoretician (D)
Gini Müller/ director, theatre maker (A)
Fritz Ostermayer/ journalist, author, DJ, musician (A)
Paul Poet/ film maker, director, producer (A)

Klaus Spiess / medical psychologist, theoretician (A)
Chris Standfest / director, theatre maker (A)
Jan Tabor/ urbanist, architectural critic (CZ/A)
Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster/STAATSAFFAIRE/ artist (D/A)
and others




Jan Deck/ dramaturg, theatre maker, curator (D)

Thomas J.Jelinek/NOMAD/ curator, director, dramaturg (SWE/A)