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fragmented city 


05 bis 09-2010







starting time 19:00

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meet your guides – go on tour


Real-simulation of the Underground City and journey through the city without city


Guides, Connnaisseurs and informed persons lead you through the fragments, the course, the situations and the programme of the Underground City 21.

You can meet them at different points of the network, get to know them, seek advice from them and be lead by them through the entangeld world of the Underground City and its programme.

They are the persons to trust.


They guarantee a safe journey through the Underground City 21.



The Guides:

Esther Csapo

Alexander Emanuely

Vanja Fuchs

Harald Jokesch

Jutta Schwarz

Deniz Sözen

zone pass; barbara anna husar - 1525493.1  


integral reception


Underground is detaching values.
At the end of the theatrical event you won’t have a ticket anymore in your hands but a co-created artwork by Barbara Anna Husar.

On the uncertain pathways through the underground visitors will be checked out from the different stations via stamps on their zone pass.

The stamps originate from a 642-piece assembly of the artist Barbara Anna Husar. In her privat language she adapted them to the different performance fragments. Through individual interactions with underground city her code transforms into a coproduction of an artpiece and will be signed by the artist at the end of parcour.


Barbara Anna Husar (1975)
process-oriented transmedial organisms Data Exchange / Urban Rexas / World Expo Flock goatherd (datacable factory) in Northafrica Exhibitions in Vienna, Shanghai, Bilbao, Bucarest, Amsterdam, London, Morogoro, etc.












finalgirl_foto (c) brigitte wilfling - 1525416.2  

underground virus

video installation

Idea, Realisation: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Brigitte Wilfing
Interviews with: Mieze Medusa, Christina Nemec, Pure, Sudden Infant, Stefan Weber, e.a.
Thanks to: Toxic Dreams.


Every city needs an underground (or many!) as an expression of its political, ethical and sexual minorities. These cultures differ from the normal, have no consensus with the mainstream, do not fulfil any expectation of the regulating high culture but take the biggest possible distance by staying in the underground.

Every cultural field has its own myths and utopias. Underground Virus collects statements  of important initiators of sub- and youth cultural movements (Techno, Hip Hop, Noise, Industrial) who talk about their movements and their subversive infiltration of the mainstream. The installation sheds light on the personal ways of refusal and puts the experience of the protagonists in the centre, together with their direct surroundings such as record and fetish collections, posters, flyers, tapes.

Brigitte Wilfing

Brigitte Wilfing's artistic work as a choreographer, music-/performer and contemporary dancer is marked by the collaboration with artists of different media and theorists. Her inter- and transdisciplinary projects focus on popcultural topics, on the combination of conceptual art with street art and the connection of theory and practice. In her music-project demimondaine she adopts both masculine and feminine behaviour patterns/movement codes to create a nontrivial physicality. Thus sexual identities become a pleasurable playground for performative practices and bodypolitics. Her work can take the form of performances, lecture-performances, installations and concerts.

 Squatter my bath (c) s. fachel - 1525423.1  

Squatter My Bath

conzept: Simone D. Fachel

photography: Simone D. Fachel

performance: Simone D. Fachel / Julischka Stengele

An artistic experiment. Setting a political act against the closing of public spaces by opening a private one. This is an appeal to squat a bathroom: for 3 or 120 minutes, in order to cut hair or to drink coffee – the squatter decides what will happen. Idleness or activity, play with the situation or withdrawal – everything is possible and wished for. The actions will be photographically recorded, the resulting photos hapticly processed and then published on the festival homepage. The participants will receive a photo.

questions and registration: Email to


Simone D. Fachel

born in Leoben, Styria, lives and works in Berlin. The impulse for her artistic career in photography was the photographic analyse about the home-constructions of migrant women from Latin America and Austrian women in their living rooms in Vienna. It was followed by artistic projects about city – city development, structures of power, identity. Content-related activities concerning e.g. utopias, social economy and migration.


Julischka Stengele (*1982) ist eine multidisziplinäre Künstlerin, die ihren Arbeits- und Lebensmittelpunkt in Berlin hat. Sie arbeitet hauptsächlich mit den Medien Performance und Fotografie.

Caregivers img - 1526446.1  



Castro and Ólafsson amalgamate their interest in avant-garde videography/cinematography and documentary practice in the video Caregivers. The viewer is confronted with the unexpected juxtaposition of music, journalism and visual arts, testing the viewers’ own conventional familiarity with those three creative genres. The video portrays the relations between four women: Eastern European migrant care-givers and their elderly clients from the area of Rovereto, during the course of their daily life and work. The narrative content of the video is a newspaper article found by the artists, reflecting on the recent migration phenomenon of Eastern European care-givers in Italy. This article becomes a matrix for Karólína Eiríksdóttir’s contemporary classical music composition, in the form of a Cantata.
In the ‘zone’ where creative expression and reality meet, this video work introduces and comments on the complex situation of mutual dependency in a network of the European care-giving system. Both sides of this irreconcilable labour exchange - the care-givers and the care-receivers (including their families) - are caught up in a position of ‘manipulation’ of/by the socio-economical/political system, in order to fulfil their essential human needs. This particular situation illustrates the implications of European national legislations and the inadequacy of the system to offer appropriate solutions for either of those two dependent groups - thereby showing the ‘threshold of the law’ in a direct way.

  Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson

 (based in Rotterdam and Berlin) started their collaboration during their post-graduate studies in Visual Arts in The Netherlands in 1997. In their work, whether experiential installation environments, interventions, events, sculpture, video- or photo-works, Libia and Ólafur often collaborate with other people: groups, individuals, activists, artists and other professionals. While reflecting upon everyday life in different places in which they work, they wish to sensitize the perception of their viewers, raising questions about the human condition, focusing on existential, spatial, cultural, socio-economic and political aspects. They have participated in Manifesta 7, and exhibited at Reykjavik Art Museum, Akureyri Art Museum, CAC Málaga, CAC Vilnius, Art in General New York, De Appel CAC Amsterdam, Rotor Graz, Witte de With CAC Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam, Kunstler Haus Bethanien Berlin, Platform Garanti CAC Istanbul, Van Abbe Museum Enschede, and the 8th Havana Biennial. They are currently shortlisted for the Prix de Rome 2009, in the Netherlands.

 Underground City XXI; Perosocope - 1513329.1  

persecope #1

interactive media installation


The installation “periscope #1” deals with possibilities to represent and transform physical reality and with the nature of personal perception. A virtual stereogram gets visualised and can be experienced through a periscopic display device.

  Christina Hartl-Prager

visual artist, studied in Linz/A, conception of Group-projects with Medea-Initiative for Kunst und Medien/A. Her side-specific installations were shown in Exhibitions and public-spaces at Wyspa-Institute of Art/PL and kunstprojekte_riem /D. Her recent work "brocken windows" will be shown at Studio_B5/RO. She lives and works in Vienna.

One Day a "T" and a "K" - 1527048.1  

One Day a "T" and a "K"



In exploring as well as confronting the cultural norms and de- and re-regulation process(es), Şener Özmen and Cengiz Tekin in their recent video work One Day a "T" and a "K" provide a critique of the outdoor historical spectacle which involves additional dilemmas within the re-enactment of nationalistic element may trivialise the past.

The re-enactment on the T (stands for Turk) and K (stands for Kurt) mirrors the way that the society of “necropolitics” and its processes of geopolitical demarcation in relegating them to some other place of existence.


The work may also reference a site, a series of historical events or a discursive space beyond the physical site where there are some important site specific elements which have to do with the geography and historical function of the sites: the East part of Turkey. Yet an additional interest and complexity are heightened by a chosen concept within the contemporary cultural production creating a visual dialogue where objects and past artefacts were placed in proximity to old movie effect.


The effect of currency: “punishment”, “execution”, “danger”, “risk” and “wilderness” emphases on the arguable role shift between stamina and the determinacy of upholding of the ‘self’ strangely placed.  By revealing spontaneous dominance and its strong national command that is briefly shown through Istiklal Marsı and its effects, the situation here presents the viewer a focus upon propagating ‘exercise of power’ on the surface of epistemological portrayal.



Şener Özmen and Cengiz Tekin

Şener Özmen (born in south east of Turkey, Sırnak) lives and works in Diyarbakır. He graduated from Çukurova University Education Faculty Painting Department in 1998, has participated in various national and international group exhibitions. His creative practice involves in questioning the cultural specific conditions.
He exhibited in various venues, such as Normalization at Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö 2006, Art Without Borders, Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan 2006, Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie Class Hegemony in Contemporary Art at Gasworks, London 2006, Nobody’s Story at Seconds, Leeds University 2007, 1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art 2007 as well as took part in TRANSFER-NRW at Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen 2007, Gone City, Bregenz 2008. He has also published in Turkish periodicals Contemporary Art Journal, art-ist, Sanat Dünyamız and Siyahi.


Cengiz Tekin lives and works in Diyarbakır.

He graduated from Çukurova University Education Faculty Painting Department in 2000. In Tekin’s work, differenciation in the local identity is the key issue, problematizing the question of ‘who speaks’ within culture’s own evolution and its dynamics.

The exhibition he took part includes, I refuse to become what you call normal - Outlet-Istanbul, Istanbul 2008, what about our relations - Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana 2008, Transfer Türkei - NRW / 2005–2007 - Ausstellungshalle zeitgenössische Kunst Münster - AZKM, Münster 2007, Transfer Türkei - NRW / 2005–2007 - Kunstmuseum Bochum, Bochum 2007, where it was shall I, Istanbul 2007, Transfer-Projekt - Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen 2007, territories of duration, Diyarbakır 2006, 5. Cetinje Biennale - Cetinje Biennale of Visual Arts, Cetinje 2005

Future 2; Thomas J. Jelinek - 1525491.1  


The installation is a new stop in a continuous documentation process of the project on the FUTURE.


Jung people of various regions of the world are answering questions concerning their view on the world, the past and their future. In the present phase of the project the topic is focussed in conversations. The results of the talks are visible in a video-installation set as a ,mechanical quire´ on 5 monitors. The different ways of surviving are in “FUTURE” building up a collective picture of the world, consisting of the fragments of individual narratives and opinions of the future generation.



Thomas J. Jelinek

Born in Stockholm. Stage director, dramaturgue, curator, multidisciplinary artist. Created various video and space installations, music/performances and has worked in television productions, architectural projects and as a curator. In this context he realized a number of east-west connecting transdisciplinary art projects. One focus of his artistic work is on space and preception, resulting in installations of contextual spaces and conceptional communication scopes. Thus interventions in public space and production of discourse zones as theatrical processes as well as stage-rooms and light concepts for theatre and art spaces are part of his practical work. In this context he also realized a number of stage-spaces and light concepts for theatre, danceprojects and performance.
As a stage director he has realized various performance, opera and theatre projects in public and theatrical areas in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France and has worked as a dramaturgue for various dance productions. He was joint founder and leader of MESSING network. From 2000-2008 he was chairman of IG Kultur Vienna (association of independent artists and cultural organisations/Vienna), founder of NOMAD theatre (2000) and the LABfactory (2003 in Vienna), where he is artistic director. He is Co- Founder and member of Liquid Loft. He has been teaching in specific transdisciplinary settings as for example as guest professor at Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam/NL), in 2006/2007.

 Private Games; Underground City 21 Vienna - 1513331.1  



you are invited to an exclusive house party. Meet the host, have a beer and relax. Who is actually in charge of this party? Come and see for yourself!


Joonas Lahtinen

Joonas Lahtinen (* 1984) is a Finnish performance artist and researcher living in Vienna. He holds an MA degree in Performance from Queen Mary, University of London and has also graduated as Master of Theatre Research from the University of Helsinki. He is currently exploring relationships between identity construction, nationality and city life.Since 1994, he has performed in various theatre and TV productions in Finland, among them in Georg Büchner’s Leonce and Lena, Agota Kristof’s The Notebook, Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts and in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. During the last few years, he has concentrated on his solo performance projects such as S/HE Triptych, Neurosis, and trackings.



Soap; Magda Loitzenbauer - 1525463.1



A fragment of infiltration and absence. About the control over one self. The loss of control over oneself and the recuperation of ones own sphere. A personal approximation.


Magda Loitzenbauer


Born in Santa Cruz do Sol. Freelancer dancer and choreographer.
Performer in „Empire“ - Superamas, the Toxic Dreams Musical „De Lady in de Tutti-Frutti Hat „Generator“- Superamas / Imagetanz preface (Wien) Since 2002 Dancer and Choreographer in the ensemble „TAMAMU“ – EXPO 2005 (Aichi/Japan) and Keio Universität together with Pilottanzt AERO dance Festival (Amsterdam/ Holland/ 2000), EXPO 2000 (Hannover/ Deutschland) or the Festival Internacional de las Artes (Costa Rica/ 1998), since then works with Superamas, NOMAD-theatre, etc.



Kabuki Kebap; D. Soezen; Underground City 21 - 1513335.1  




with: Deniz Soezen, Tetsuro Nagata, Niang Serigne Mor

from the series: Home Stories/Public Diary Project


A trilogy of absurd anecdotes connects the cities London, Vienna, Tokyo and Dakar through Turkish specialities:

Döner is advertised as a German delicacy in China, as a voiceover tells us. A woman in a geisha-costume performs rather awkwardly a ritualistic Japanese dance in a kebab shop in London. We learn from a Brit with Japanese background that he is taken for a Chinese. A Viennese man from Senegal buys a Dürüm at a sausage stand and equals it with Senegalese sushi.


The polyphony of voices and languages blurs the borders between biographical narration, cultural location, facts and fiction in this kaleidoscopic chain of the absurd scenarios.


Deniz Sözen studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and graduated from the postgraduate program in “Art Practice” at the Goldsmiths College in London (2007–2009) as a scholarship holder of the Arts and Humanities Research Council. At the moment, she lives mainly in Vienna and works as lecturer at the Kunstuniversität Linz. Various exhibition and festival partisipations both in Austria and abroad.




If I got a Macrophage

„Szenische Immunologie “  – Access to the development process of this project at LABfactory                           

Based on a preceding study by immunologist about gestures, this work will explorate infiltration, resistance and assimilation. A reconstructed immunologic laboratory with its requisite, protagonists, their gestures and spoken metaphors will become a playground for dislocating meanings. The bodies of the immunologists negotiate their autonomy from the opposing language through gestures. The notions of space and order in immunologic systems will be rearranged. War, politics, architecture, urban sociology and the media appear as models.  Differences between scientific texts and bodily gestures will be scenically investigated in order to make the immunologic tactics and strategies visible. The immunologic themes will be detached from their familiar, operative functions and extended towards a wider psycho-cultural and social field beyond immunology.
  Arbeitsprozess - Labor

Script and concept: Klaus Spiess,Medical  University / Public Health, Vienna

Performer: Katharina Meves (D) Salka Ardal Rosengren (SWE), Mikko Hyvönen (FIN) - P.A.R.T.S Graduates, Brüssel


Director: Lucie Strecker, Berlin


Lucie Strecker has been working at the Medical University of Vienna since November 2009 on creating models for a “scenic immunology” in cooperation with “Arts and Humanities Group”. This scientific project aims to extend the representations of microbiology beyond the purely scientific context, to put them into wider cultural contexts.

Involved in the project:

Horst Schily (actor and university lecturer at the Max Reinhardt Seminar) and Katharine Meves (freelance dancer) as performers, Saskia Hölbling (Wien) and Ingo Reuleke (Berlin) as supervisors in the field of choreography. The correspondence with the “Art and Humanities Group” of the Medical University of Vienna made it possible to exchange knowledge with linguists, anthropologists, medical scientists and psychologists.

 Sie; Benedikt Rubey und Lisa Truttmann - 1525459.1  


interventionist installationen

They nest in the interspaces, offside all striking curiosity. In their stories, they build on really existing places and continue playing the themes of these places in other dimensions. Connected to the different locations of the underground city 21, moments of narratives will be staged on the edge of the loud hustle and bustle of the city.
The protagonists will be small figures; cinematic sound collages will draft the events.


 Benedikt Rubey / Lisa Truttmann



Paul Poet; Underground City 21 - 1513337.1




How to become a Micronationalist


State-Founding Consultation Office by Paul Poet


Paul Poet, a Styrian director and author for movie, TV and theatre, art journalist, media researcher who lives and works in Vienna.

After a childhood abroad in a war zone and a long eventful past in the punk- and music-scene of Vienna, he shot his first short film with international rock-prominence such as Melvins and Neurosis.

In 2000 he directed the first internet film festival of Europe and designed the online part of Christoph Schlingensiefs historical Container-Action at the Wiener Festwochen. The resulting documentary film Ausländer Raus! Schlingensiefs Container (Throw out the Foreigners! Schlingensief’s Container) became an international success and was granted awards in the film festivals of Houston and Toronto. His second big film production Empire Me will be premiered in 2011. He prepares his first feature film Der Minusmann (The Minusman).

COAL - Dean Zahtila - 1528520.1  

CO/AL’ Homokinetic Co-dimensional Cell

'CO/AL' is an interactive Underground City story telling ‘cell’, mixed media (music/video/dance/gastronomy) installation.

The installation tells fragmentary stories, creating a logic narrative from the history of the region and the mine, to the present time to the future as a beautiful (brave) new world. It is referring to the common gentrification (and joint venture)-projects, all over Europe (and the world of course) as investment-projects actually making a big virtual playground out of the globe.

The cold lifeless form of the installation makes the phantasm of this speculative of the world-real estate market, without any reference to real life, even more evident.


L.A.E. - Labin Art Express


Konzept: Dean Zahtila
Installation: D. Zahtila & Sanja Svrljuga
Musik und Performance: Steve Buchanan
05.09. - Ivan Jakovcic, President der Region Istrien – Eröffnung der Fotoausstellung ‘Mare Nostrum Adriaticum’ realisiert in Zusammenarbeit mit Rino Gropuzzo

3D_structure_2 - 1420051.1  



A virtual inspection of an urban structure.

The structure of the Underground City 21 always relates to the predetermined form of the geological downcast of the materialised history. Virtual inspections of an urban structure.



is a Hybrid Laboratory for Arts and New Technologies, was founded in 2002 as a non for profit organisation by P. Silondi in France. It aims to stimulate the production, the administration and the diffusion of international artistic, interdisciplinary, multimedia and experimental projects.


The cultural and artistic organisation is proposing a hybrid and nomad « platform-Laboratory », tool of analysis, creation, and exchange for conceptual, artistic and technological studies.


Libat is involved in the coordination of several artistic and cultural European projects with as scour objective the experimentation and the exploration of art, science and new technologies.


Libat supports the creation of a dynamic European open-network inviting international artists, cultural centers and researchers to foster the creation and the presentation of new media art models.

HerdengerĂ¼che Barbara Husar - 1528527.1  


olfactoric installation




 smell of the herd 2006

within finding a potential common denominator of communities and networks barbara husar is picking up the smell of the herd. she is collecting sweatsamples for getting olfactoric portraits of the net beyond the net.


Barbara Anna Husar

(*1975) process-oriented transmedial organisms
Data Exchange / Urban Rexas / World Expo Flock goatherd (datacable factory) in Northafrica Exhibitions in Vienna, Shanghai, Bilbao, Bucarest, Amsterdam, London, Morogoro u.a



At the table; Vanja Fuchs Jelinek - 1525457.1  

At the table – Am Tisch

Wir essen unter uns

situative performance


The meal as a social act is the germ cell of group building in which, next to social bonds and friendship, the larger contexts are being reflected and created.





 Golem eine Transformation; Ropert - 1525470.1  


 a transformation

installation performance


Make a human image out of clay, and you will destroy the intent of the fiends.

(from the Golem-saga)


One needs adequate strategies to create a Golem in the 21st century – not the hardware, the wrap of the artificial organism is the crucial element but the “organic software”. In the centre of this installation-performance is the human body as material, corresponding to the original sense of the word “Golem” which means something unformed, not-ready as well as the embryonic state. The performers will undergo a process through bondage-art which leads the body from the segmentation via transformation to reorganisation. Only the networks, the interfaces, make the machinery of the newly-created figure able to move.


and peter fuxx / pink zebra theatre


  “Ropert” is not only interested in his profession, informatics, but especially in people, bonds, knots, entanglements concerning his artistic works. He has been practising escapology and bondage for at least 20 years. Performances and commissioned works for pink zebra theatre (Pornokino), Tiberius (puppets and puppetiers), Burgtheater (Symmetrien des Abschieds), Tanzatelier Wien, Pia Mia Mode and others.


peter fuxx wurde 1963 in Wien geboren und hat nach dem Diplomstudium an der Schauspielschule des Volkstheaters eine Mehrfachkarriere begonnen. Regisseur, Produzent (Tanz, Theater, Video, Film, Installationen...), Schauspieler, Sänger, bildender Künstler. Engagements im In- und Ausland (u.a. Wien, Frankfurt, Pretoria, New York, Maastricht), Mitwirkung in Filmen (u. a. Viennale, Filmfestival Montreal). Als künstlerischer Leiter des pink zebra theatre, das er 1997 gründete, produziert/e er multimediale Fringe-Produktionen, die ihm sowohl nationale als auch internationale Reputation als independent producer und Projektmacher einbrachten.


  My space - my privacy; Lena Linse - 1526440.1

© Lena Linse


Reconquered Privacy


“THIS IS NOT A BURKA! Just cloths” is a reconquest of privacy in the public space. In an age nudity which is demanded by fashion and freedom, the complete clothing becomes a provocation. Not recognizable, not predictable, defied against the compulsion of beauty and individuality, under the ground, the scum of the earth in the blind angle.


Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster /STAATSAFFAIRE (D/A)


Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster was born in 1980 in Hadamar (D). She studied applied theatre research in Giessen (D) and Rennes (F) under the guidance of Heiner Goebbels, Helga Finter, Gerald Sigmund and Marina Abramovic. She works as a free producer and performer in Vienna.

08/2006 – 09/2008 she was production manager for the theatercombinat. Since 09/2006 she has been part of the theatre companies God's Entertainment and Super Nase & Co. and since 01/2009 of STAATSAFFAIRE.


Underground City 21; Anna Scheer - 1513333.1  

Actions speak louder than words

/ Spill the beans

Become part of a unique ritual performance that instantly animates your desires. There is a snag in it. Be daring, playful, sponanteous and alive.


Anna Rebecca Scheer

performer, video and installation artist. Her recent work epitomises 'The Creation' by Joseph Haydn and reinterprets the seven days into self-made creations. This work can be seen at Gewandhaus, Leipzig (DE) and Next Liberty Theater, Graz (AT). She has worked with La Pocha Nostra (USA/MEX), Peter Stamer (AT), The Jewish Salons (IS/AT), Toxic Dreams (AT), Station House Opera (UK), The Art Organisation (UK), The Red House (BG), Tomasz Wendland (PL);


Feathered ornaments and the art of letting go

(Gefiederte Ornamente und die Kunst des Loslassen)




The lecture deals with the policy of the visual in the urban space – using the example of the ordinary street pigeon. How are the changes in the capitalistic methods of production connected to the police aesthetics?

  Fahim Amir (A/AFG), philosopher, teaches and researches at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Current publications: Fahim Amir/ Rainer Hackauf (Hg.), Remember Repression. Politik und Verbrechen in Österreich (2010); Fahim Amir/Eva Egermann (Hg.), Unlearning Reality. Konturen, Kreaturen und Kritik im Feld des Pädagogischen (2011).

„Wissensdramatisierung  -  Sprechstück“

(Dramatization of Knowledge / Drama)



In this performance piece Ana Hofner investigates post-dramatic theatricality and the associated dissolution of the structure of theatre as part of present processes of subjectivication. By questioning theatricality and drama, knowledge of acting and actors and their learned roles, is created. Through that, positions of speaking are being formed, for these subjects, who own knowledge about drama and its occurrences. With the help of this knowledge, the speakers of post-dramatic theatricality create post-dramatic situations, which, located between reality and theatrical fiction, cannot withdraw from being involved in power-relations. This drama tries to dramatize once more the role of the speaker and his forms of knowledge.

  Ana Hoffner is a performance artist and works in the realms of queer- and migrant- (post) colonial politics. Her performative practice investigates elements of re-enactment and intervention, in order to articulate an artistic and politica form for the present. At the moment she is working on questions of homo-normative and queer politics within the discourse of the european union.



 Concept/Performance: Regina Picker mag ART. Next to her own projects in Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam and Turin she has been collaborating with: Christine Gaigg, Thomas Desi, Claudia Wagner, InCorporated, Helene Salomon. She was a DanceWEB Fellow in 2010

Concept/Coaching: Mag. Anna-Lisa Schöffl since 20 years she is busy in the fields of photography and poetry. Permanent installations of two photographic worcs at Urania Wien, various lectures and expositions in co-operation with Gertrude Moser-Wagner, at SALON, Galerie Kunstwerkstatt, Atelier Brainswork, etc.

Concept/camera: Marie-Louise Nielsen is a danish performer and creator, graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and founding member of Trigger Track Collective.

Thanks to: Wiener Linien, WUK Tanz Theater Performance / Im_Flieger

Fahrenheit 2012 - Katherina Zakravsky - 1528954.1  

Fahrenheit 2012

Mythopoetic Performance on the Emergence of Collective Intelligence


Concept: Katherina Zakravsky

Performance: Katherina Zakravsky, Thomas Edlinger

Text: Katherina Zakravsky, Thomas Edlinger

Sound: Andreas Wiesbauer

Where do you go with all the knowledge in your head ?


Virtually, there is a collective intelligence – where is its forum, its format, its form? So many others, alive and dead, familiar and strange, are permanently thinking with my mind. How to honor this multitude? Why claim old dead authorship when moving through the city is like swimming in intelligence?


And if we have to found a city of refuge, if we have to retreat to a new Atlantis, what will be the books, the films, the sciences, the arts, the myths we will take to this island? (By the way, I have not watched it, but why has “Lost” been such a cult?)


The darkness, that would be virtually the completeness of knowledge, the white page completely covered with scripture. The amazing freedom, – and task – , to re-organize it all, anew.


Its like in this Cronenberg movie, when Allegra Geller says “I am going to download “eXisTenz” into each one of you.” What if you would wake up in the game and it would be – total darkness?


And always another city within the city.” (Gilles Deleuze: Logics of Sense)



Katherina Zakravsky

philosopher, cultural theorist, performance artist, curator.

Teaches philosophy, media theory and biopolitics in different institutions, research project on the allegories of the transhuman; solo and collaborative work in the dance and performance field, upcoming publication: „Omega Surfing. Transhuman Perspectives“, Löcker 2010.


Thomas Edlinger

radio and tv journalist ("Im Sumpf" und "Willkommen Österreich", et. al.); author ("Die Traumprotokolle der Sumpfisten", Czernin Verlag 2009, et. al.); curator (u.a. "The Porn Identity", Kunsthalle Wien 2009, et. al.).


Meeting Ganghi - 1526436.1  

Meeting Gandhi
Essen mit Gandhi

situational performance



Underground Cinema - 1525629.1

Cinematograph – Underground City Cinema – cinema-installation

a small cinema is an installative fragment of Underground City at the Theater Nestroyhof. The programme is to be anounced and will be available on each respective evening with the tour guides and at the box office.


Amira Bibawy & underground team






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