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Real-simulation of the Underground City and journey through the city without city

 Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom

ca. 19:00 parcour-station

 > the truth is worth to risk... <   


Open Space

performance - exhibition 

Projekt Curator: Gülsen Bal

participating artists:

Libia Castro und Ólafur Ólafsson
Ana Hoffner
Şener Özmen und Cengiz Tekin

The exhibition the truth is worth to risk... brings the works that engage an evolving process of producing a pluralistic approaches in its multiplicity provoking an encounter together on a visual and discursive level.

  Coinciding with remaining and current political situations in various corners of the world that propagate the actual fact of “changing places, losing the way and the expectations of return”, this inter-disciplinary project appears to aim to create a dynamic structure against/beyond representation by introducing an incomplete open system to static structures. In addressing these matters of concern, however, a far broader issue emerges. Key to this is the processes of “existential territories”, and this requires going beyond the boundaries of dichotomies in search of “possible futures”; allowing for undefined constraints and their far reaching consequences to be transcended.







 Open Space   ::   see details  go to - 1525627.1

Ana Hoffner

„Wissensdramatisierung  –  Sprechstück“ 

  In this performance piece Ana Hofner investigates post-dramatic theatricality and the associated dissolution of the structure of theatre as part of present processes of subjectivication. By questioning theatricality and drama, knowledge of acting and actors and their learned roles, is created. Through that, positions of speaking are being formed, for these subjects, who own knowledge about drama and its occurrences. With the help of this knowledge, the speakers of post-dramatic theatricality create post-dramatic situations, which, located between reality and theatrical fiction, cannot withdraw from being involved in power-relations. This drama tries to dramatize once more the role of the speaker and his forms of knowledge.  

Ana Hoffner is a performance artist and works in the realms of queer- and migrant- (post) colonial politics. Her performative practice investigates elements of re-enactment and intervention, in order to articulate an artistic and politica form for the present. At the moment she is working on questions of homo-normative and queer politics within the discourse of the european union.


Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom

20:00 Katherina Zakravsky  

Chatroom – Fahrenheit 2012

  performance installation
  Fahrenheit 2012 - Katherina Zakravsky - 1528954.1  

Mythopoetic Performance on the Emergence of Collective Intelligence


Concept: Katherina Zakravsky

Performance: Katherina Zakravsky, Thomas Edlinger

Text: Katherina Zakravsky, Thomas Edlinger

Sound: Andreas Wiesbauer

Where do you go with all the knowledge in your head ?


Virtually, there is a collective intelligence – where is its forum, its format, its form? So many others, alive and dead, familiar and strange, are permanently thinking with my mind. How to honor this multitude? Why claim old dead authorship when moving through the city is like swimming in intelligence?


And if we have to found a city of refuge, if we have to retreat to a new Atlantis, what will be the books, the films, the sciences, the arts, the myths we will take to this island? (By the way, I have not watched it, but why has “Lost” been such a cult?)


The darkness, that would be virtually the completeness of knowledge, the white page completely covered with scripture. The amazing freedom, – and task – , to re-organize it all, anew.


Its like in this Cronenberg movie, when Allegra Geller says “I am going to download “eXisTenz” into each one of you.” What if you would wake up in the game and it would be – total darkness?


And always another city within the city.” (Gilles Deleuze: Logics of Sense)


Katherina Zakravsky

is philosopher, cultural theorist, performance artist, curator.

Teaches philosophy, media theory and biopolitics in different institutions, research project on the allegories of the transhuman; solo and collaborative work in the dance and performance field, upcoming publication: „Omega Surfing. Transhuman Perspectives“, Löcker 2010.


Thomas Edlinger

radio and tv journalist ("Im Sumpf" und "Willkommen Österreich", et. al.); author ("Die Traumprotokolle der Sumpfisten", Czernin Verlag 2009, et. al.); curator (u.a. "The Porn Identity", Kunsthalle Wien 2009, et. al.).

20:30 Gini Müller, Chris Standfest, Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster  

discourse / symposium

underground art

activism, art and policy



Gini Müller, Chris Standfest, Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster etc.


Moderation Jan Deck


Gini Müller (* 1971 in Wien) ist eine österreichische Theaterwissenschaftlerin, Performance-Künstlerin und Dramaturgin.Sie studierte Theaterwissenschaft, Philosophie und Musikwissenschaft an der Universität Wien. Von 1998 bis 2000 arbeitete sie als Dramaturgin am Schauspielhaus Wien. Dort war sie unter anderem an der Inszenierung von Mark Ravenhills "Shoppen und Ficken" beteiligt, bei der die Darstellerinnen und Darsteller mitten im auf Sofas und Liegematten gebetteten Publikum agierten.Als Dramaturgin des Schauspielhauses trug sie dazu bei, dass das Volxtheater Favoriten dort die wöchentliche Performance-Reihe "Theme Attack" realisieren konnte. Im Jahr 2000 wurde ihr aus politischen Gründen von Schauspielhaus-Intendant Hans Gratzer gekündigt und sie mit Hausverbot belegt.  Ab 2001 engagierte sie sich als Mitbegründerin der Volxtheaterkarawane, die sie bis 2005 maßgeblich mitprägte. Seit 2002 arbeitet Müller zudem kontinuierlich mit dem Theaterkombinat Wien zusammen.  Im Jahr 2003 erhielt sie einen einjährigen Lehrauftrag für "Performative Praktik" an der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien. Im gleichen Jahr gründete sie gemeinsam mit Sabine Marte, Katrina Daschner und Christina Nemec die feministische Performance-Band SV Damenkraft.

Chris Standfest, geboren 1963 in deutschland, lebt in wien und berlin. studium germanistik, erziehungswissenschaft, philosophie in berlin und lancashire. politischer aktivismus, übersetzungs- und rundfunkarbeiten, redaktions- und vortragstätigkeit, gastdozenturen, coachings. performerin, dramaturgin. arbeiten mit claudia bosse, barbara kraus, peter stamer u.v.a. Seit 1997 arbeitet sie  bei theatercombinat im Bereich  performance, öffentlichkeitsarbeit, dramaturgie. als lehrende leitete sie u.a. ein  szenisches projekt des instituts für Theaterwissenschaften der Uni Leipzig.


Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster was born in 1980 in Hadamar (D). She studied applied theatre research in Giessen (D) and Rennes (F) under the guidance of Heiner Goebbels, Helga Finter, Gerald Sigmund and Marina Abramovic. She works as a free producer and performer in Vienna.

08/2006 – 09/2008 she was production manager for the theatercombinat. Since 09/2006 she has been part of the theatre companies God's Entertainment and Super Nase & Co. and since 01/2009 of STAATSAFFAIRE.

21:30 Brigitte Wilfing  

underground virus




doing underground copy (c) barbara wilfing - 1525447.1

©Jorge Sánchez-Chiong


idea, concept, performance: Brigitte Wilfing
light, set design, dramaturgical input: Thomas J. Jelinek

music, setting of the music: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong


speeding up downwards: doing underground


The usurpation of subcultures by the mainstream makes their differentiation redundand. By now, the mainstream has even been orienting itself towards the minorites and is  significally responsible for the creation of the commodity of "minority". This raises the question if at all or on which basis we can distinguish between a product of affirmation from a product of resistance.
In the lecture-performance the performer will use music subcultures, especially the Riot Grrrls movement, as a springboard to her world of contemporary dance and theatre. “doing underground” means also doing your own thing by making anti-bourgeois gestures, poses of resistance and behaving in dissident ways.


Brigitte Wilfing's artistic work as a choreographer, music-/performer and contemporary dancer is marked by the collaboration with artists of different media and theorists. Her inter- and transdisciplinary projects focus on popcultural topics, on the combination of conceptual art with street art and the connection of theory and practice.

In her music-project demimondaine she adopts both masculine and feminine behaviour patterns/movement codes to create a nontrivial physicality. Thus sexual identities become a pleasurable playground for performative practices and bodypolitics. Her work can take the form of performances, lecture-performances, installations and concerts.


underground cinema

  films + clips

Underground Cinema - 1525629.1



a small cinema is an installative fragment of Underground City at the Theater Nestroyhof. The programme is to be anounced and will be available on each respective evening with the tour guides and at the box office.








f l u c 




The TRANSISTERS (Post-Punk / Venedig / I )

DJs Markus Koavo +Thomas Mojmir

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