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Installations and Fragments:


Thomas J. Jelinek / NOMAD • Jan Deck / Forum Diskurs Dramaturgie • Dean Zahtila / L.A.E. Labin Art Express • Amira Bibawy / Nestroyhof Hamakom


Erik Alalooga / Rino Gropuzzo / Christina Hartl-Prager / Barbara Husar / Thomas J. Jelinek / Regina Picker / L.I.B.A.T / Lisa Truttmann + Benedikt Rubey /  Brigitte Wilfing + / Katherina Zakravsky / L.A.E. Labin Art Express / Dean Zahtila


 Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom

20:00  Joonas Lahtinen

> trackings <


Joonas Lahtinen 3 - 1446986.1

trackings © Manuel Vason


> trackings < is a performance about travelling, searching, remembering, imagining, and trying to locate ”home” in a foreign city – what makes ”a home”, is it a mental state or a physical place, memories attached to material objects and events, or perhaps all of these?

Inspired by the concept of the ”flâneur”, the ”stroller” who walks the city in order to experience it, the term was originally conceived by Charles Baudelaire and later revisited by many sociologists, philosophers and artists such as Georg Simmel, Walter Benjamin, the Situationists, Michel de Certeau, and Francis Alÿs, among many others.

In > trackings < I play with the idea of flâneur and storytelling:

instead of offering a complete dramatic story-line, I aim to stimulate the spectators' thinking apparatus by creatively combining my actual observations and encounters, imagined events and memories into a rather fragmentary set of performance acts.


trackings_3 - 1446980.1

Joonas Lahtinen (* 1984) is a Finnish performance artist and researcher living in Vienna. He holds an MA degree in Performance from Queen Mary, University of London and has also graduated as Master of Theatre Research from the University of Helsinki. He is currently exploring relationships between identity construction, nationality and city life.Since 1994, he has performed in various theatre and TV productions in Finland, among them in Georg Büchner’s Leonce and Lena, Agota Kristof’s The Notebook, Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts and in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. During the last few years, he has concentrated on his solo performance projects such as S/HE Triptych, Neurosis, and > trackings <.


21:00  Fritz Ostermayer

Die Leichen sollen sich schleichen:  

  lecture - performance

Ostermayer _ Arsch mit Lassnig Foto: Peter Hörmanseder - 1525537.1

ass with Lassnig Picture: Peter Hörmanseder



The squatted house as an art school of the small punk from the street



„Rough-ride-Lecture“ from the History of the Present.







Fritz Ostermayer (*)1956. After several useless but definitely charming studies, he decided to become a general dilettante. In this profession he has been more or less successful as a journalist, radio maker, author, actor, musician, sound installation artist, lecture traveller, guest docent, curator, organiser, editor and father. What is still missing? Expressionist dance??

22:00  Verena Dürr / Ulla Rauter  

Wir haben uns lieb bis eine heult

  music - performance
  ...bis eine heult - 1525541.1  

Two media artist share a lot when it comes to their worldviews.


In their music they bring together language performance and experimental singer/songwriter-ism.


Verena Dürr and Ulla Rauter move between rhythmical beat, text debaucheries and electronic chanson.




Wir haben uns lieb bis eine heult ...


f l u c 

ca. 23:30 artWERKevenenig   late night programme im fluc

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