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rough cuts

Documentation 45' 2008

Scriptwriter & Editor
Ema Konstantinova.

Gerhard Leixl.

Isn’t it amasing – the presence of a camera always turns us into actors. People are changing when they start to feel the eye of the objective following them. Some are acting more openly some more secretly, but the acting is most visible when some body pretends he doesn’t pay attention to the camera…

Maybe the word „art“ is not adequate anymore for the creations of the people who nowadays call them selves artists.
Am I to conservative? Probably. But my understanding about art is primary connected with the aesthetical perception. The art that moves me grabs my heart and senses first, then reveals its deeper meaning. For me art is still and most of all pure beauty, and then concept, critcizm, reflection of life...
(Text: Ema Konstantinova)
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first viewed: 28.05.2008
20:00 UHR LABfactory

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