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About WORLD-EX-POSITION 08 arrow12 - 1105822.1

April 26. – Mai 15. 2008

ist gezeigter Partikel
gegenwärtiger Prozesse.
 Zonen des künstlerischen
wie diskursiven Transfers.
Ansichten des Un/Möglichen -
der Welt in einer Ausstellung.
Ein openLAB in der LABfactory
kombiniert mit und fortgesetzt
in einer Ausstellung im


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Fr. 25.04.2008

19:00 PARALELL OPENING IN Open Space & LABfactory
Start : 20:30


sister0   ‘My First Burial’ 
Jessie Darlin’   ‘I was a teenage porn star’
Live concert: shazalakazoo
DJ: White Girl
Moderation: Alexander Nikolić / Thomas Jelinek

 openingsisterjesse4 - 1190533.1
sister0 & Jesse Darlin'  
shazalakazoo - 1188598.1


openingOS5 - 1190483.1  openingLAB1 - 1190508.1  openingLAB4 - 1190511.1



19:00 more arrsmall1 - 1132768.1arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

Johannes Grenzfurthner / monochrom ‘The innermost Unifier’
Abendmoderation: Alexander Nikolić / Thomas Jelinek
Djane: Gudrun Brüll (SCHWESTERN BRÜLL.)


21:30   more arrsmall1 - 1132768.1arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
lecture performance
Dr. Richard Barbrook  ‘Imaginary futures’
Abendmoderation: Stefan Lutschinger
DJ: Ohrgasmus


arrsmall1 - 1132768.1arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
streaming Laboratory
XLTerrestrials ‘Transmigration Of the Telepresent’
In Kooperation mit theSCREEN.tv,
sonance.artistic.network und Press/Play in Detroit
Abendmoderation: Alexander Nikolić / Pod p Podinski
Dj Line: Alexander Nikolić / Pod p Podinski

performance program in the LABfactory:

myfirstburialpromo - 1188011.1
Nancy Mauro-Flude | sister0
My First Burial
2006. film /lecture/performance. 32 min.

Performing artist and 'queen' of uncensored data, provides her audience with a sensitive view on the uncanny repetition of 'dead girls' in life, art and literature; with the work 'My First Burial'.
State and institutional control of bodies, hardware, software, western medicine plants, herbs, has enduring and limiting effects on those who generate life (women), how we experience life itself, but also our ability to understand the formless world of the dead and undead. She is concerned with ostracised and imperilled bodies of knowledge and interested in the retrieval and transmission and of them. In the spirt and sentiment of the Beat Generation, in 2003 I went to South Colombia, the Puto-Mayo Region, Foundation de Investigaciones chamanistas to experience ancient practices of plant usage [as software] and how objects, such as the Shaman Rattle rattle and other paraphernalia or talisman [hardware] are related to the rising ubiquity of computational media and platform usage nowadays and the merged realities they bring about with them (for those in the metropoles). Not long after she arrived the shaman's son gave her the Devil Tarot Card, soon after the shaman advised her that she should have a burial. So she began with a burial, “my first burial”.
© sister0

"...These poets shall exist when the age long slavery shall have ended when, she will be able to live by & for herself, when man hitherto having given her freedom, she will be a poet. Women will discover the unknown. Will her word be different from ours? She will discover things that will be strange & unfathomable, repulsive & delicate. We shall take them from her & we shall understand them. "

Bio/Profile:  Sister0 is a performer working with experimental media and fine art. She manifests in Europe and Australia and sometimes South-America.  Her interests include meme-hacking, metaphysical networks; giving homage to the late 19th-early 20th century manifestations of the paranormal, political cabaret and the experiential worlds they carry in their wake.

One of her latest projects "paraphernalia" exemplifies this, Gamepads are transformed into sensitive sonic objects, talisman, that among other thing, control and triggers sound, like a radio transmission coming from elsewhere, perhaps the other side?

Jesse - 1187828.1
JESSICA ERREY ADT  | Jesse Darlin’
I was a teenage porn star.
performance lecture - 30 minutes.

This piece she wrote, which is essentially about why she’s against the sex industry (for the same reasons she is against McDonalds, and then some) but pro-porn. And about why we should all be making our own fukkin' porno; take the gaze back from the hands of Große Kapital and become yer own spectacle, kids!
© Jesse Darlin’

Bio/Profile:  Jesse Darlin' is a pirate, rebel, post-postmodernist, post-populist performer and "rent-a-muse." She studied fine art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and modern mime at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam, and has variously worked as a cook, thief, wife, lover, stylist, soda jerker, circus clown, artists' model, body-double and teenage porn star. Darlin' works across the platforms of performance, live music, literature, collage, illustration and "experimental living," moving into and becoming The Spectacle in order to transcend it. Previous collaborations included musician Fyfe Dangerfield, painter Jan Maris, performance artist Sister0, photographer Cereinyn Ord, memecraft engineer/ electronic musician Decoy and fine artist Ossa Kierkegaard among others. She has lived and worked in Paris, Amsterdam, Portland, Seattle and London.

shazalakazoo - 1187829.1
SHAZALAKAZOO - breakbeat/folk/electronica

The intention of the Balkan Breakz is simple: it is not meant to be art; it is simple entertainment like the music of its countless predecessors - an important pastime, faithfully accompanying the inhabitants of the Balkan peninsula throughout its turbulent history, in good or bad times alike. This music only kept changing its outer shell, embracing the ongoing evolution of popular instruments, harmonic and rhythmical influences of any current era. Its essence, however, remained the same: less talking, more dancing, and tomorrow is a new day. Some other influence, some other form to embrace. So let's dance! © Milan Djuric

Shazalakazoo -Balkan Breakz  - making electronic music since 1998; performing it live since 2000. Shazalakazoo performed in various clubs in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci, Stara Pazova (Serbia), Zagreb, Pula (Croatia), Ljubljana, Logatec (Slovenia), Basel (Switzerland), Amsterdam, Nijmegen (Netherlands), Cologne and Dortmund (Germany). Shazalakazoo performed at various festivals: EXIT Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia), Aprilski Susreti Festival (Belgrade, Serbia), SeriousPop Festival (Vienna, Austria), Media Mediterranea Festival (Pula, Croatia), Karantena Festival (Dubrovnik, Croatia), Underwater Overground Festival (Sibenik, Croatia), Urban Fest (Osijek, Croatia), Lift Club Fest (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Terminal00 BalkanArt Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Golden Drum Advertising and Media Meeting (Portoroz, Slovenia). Shazalakazoo tracks were released at various compilations: Belgrade Coffeeshop (B92, Serbia), Mute Magazine (Fallout Records, UK), Bombardiranje New Yorka (Listen Loudest Records, Croatia) and Media Mediterranea (Metamedia, Croatia).

Shazalakazoo are Milan Djuric (in studio: programming, vocals, woodwinds, keyboards, guitars; live: computer, midi-controllers, vocal) and Uros Petkovic (in studio: programming, scratching, keyboards, guitars, violin; live: computer, turntables).

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