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Program Curator: Alexander Nikolić
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LABfactory in Co-Operation
with Open Space

parallel opening in Open Space and LABfactory 25.April 2008
19:00 - open end

LABfactory program
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April 26. – Mai 15. 2008

ist gezeigter Partikel
gegenwärtiger Prozesse.
 Zonen des künstlerischen
wie diskursiven Transfers.
Ansichten des Un/Möglichen -
der Welt in einer Ausstellung.
Ein openLAB in der LABfactory
kombiniert mit und fortgesetzt
in einer Ausstellung im

kindly supported by:

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(c) Tanya Ury. Who's Boss

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Open Space Zentrum für Kunstprojekte and LABfactory extend their collaboration and invited Alexander Nikolic to curate an exhibition to facilitate a zone of communicative transfer beyond physical borders within the realm of creative practice.

A position is taken by Alexander Nikolic, captured in his proposed title, WORLD-EX-POSITION along side with the problem in current political thinking. This emerges in the manner in which relationships of forces reveals a ticklish subject where different practices of capitalism and the regulatory institutional procedures of societies mediated. Driven forward by the fact that “our critique began as all critiques begin: with doubt,” in order to “TO BEGIN AGAIN … FROM THE BEGINNING”  leaves us with what brings back the production of desire to life in its irreducible absence to our immediate sensibility. These serve and generate a need for a change, work against transformation into the elements of normalisation and resist powerful strategies of control. This haunts us with taking a “deci[sion] on what cannot be decided upon by remaining faithful to a contingent event” in an attempt to integrate the ‘impossible’ to the reality.

(Text: Dr. Gulsen Bal)

 Participant Artists & Contributions

Jesper Alvaer
the banana tree stereoscope
Dr. Richard Barbrook arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
Imaginary futures
cuntstunt arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
Take it as a Gift! 

Jesse Darlin’ arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
I was a teenage porn star 
Lukas Pusch 
Vienna Vodoo
Johannes Grenzfurthner - monochrom
The Innermost Unifier

Mario Grubisic
Ira Hadzic arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
Visoko-Flying High 

Rudi Hübl
Art & Culture Sausages

Stefan Lutschinger
Performer, Blogger und freier Autor.

Kazimir Malevic
black cross -sketch 1985
 Stefan Rusu 
Lazo | Sars Opera | Jeres
sister0 arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
My first Burial
societé réaliste
Ministère de l'Architecture. MA: Temporary Free Zones.
Shazalakazoo  - live!

Christoph Theiler - wechselstrom
Tanya Ury
Whos Boss| Boss Rune
Transmigration Of the Telepresent

Zampa di Leone arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

for more information please visit:

www.openspace-zkp.org arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

arrsmall1 - 1132768.1

25.04.2008 19.00 LABfactory more arrsmall1 - 1132768.1arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
sister0  ‘My First Burial' 
Jessie Darlin’ ‘I was a teenage porn star’ 
Live: shazalakazoo
Abendmoderation: Alexander Nikolić / Thomas Jelinek
DJane: White Girl

26.04.2008. 19:00 LABfactory more
arrsmall1 - 1132768.1arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
Johannes Grenzfurthner / monochrom ‘The innermost Unifier’
Abendmoderation: Alexander Nikolić / Thomas Jelinek
Djane: Gudrun Brüll (SCHWESTERN BRÜLL.)

30.04.2008 21:30 LABfactory more
arrsmall1 - 1132768.1arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
lecture performance
Dr. Richard Barbrook  ‘Imaginary futures’
Abendmoderation: Stefan Lutschinger
DJ: Ohrgasmus
10.05.2008 20:00 LABfactory more
arrsmall1 - 1132768.1
streaming Laboratory
XLTerrestrials ‘Transmigration Of the Telepresent’
In Kooperation mit theSCREEN.tv, sonance.artistic.network und Press/Play in Detroit
Abendmoderation: Alexander Nikolić / Pod p Podinski
Dj Line: Alexander Nikolić / Pod p Podinski

A d m i s s i o n   
f  r e e

Büro für Weltausstellung
Praterstrasse 42/1/3
A-1020 Wien


Open Space
Zentrum für Kunstprojekte
Lassingleithnerplatz 2
1020 Wien

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