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Jaume Nualart

Born in Vic (Catalonia/ 1968)
based in Barcelona, he is a writer,  other world designer who studies chemistry but now works in with Pure Data & Wi Fi experiments, together with organizations based on individual freedom.
Independent researcher and free software developer in several European projects and residence programs.

Coming from technical part of social movements in Barcelona ( he used to work, 1999-2004 as a teacher in public high schools in Barcelona (chemistry/physics) introducing collaborative knowledge tools in the departments where he was working.
He is currently involved in developping, implementing + testing interfaces for people and networks using free software & copyleft.


2006 Visualization systems developer for the Common Memory project (

2005 Globaltelesat S.L. (April to November, Angola)

2004 Fadaiat Project -  1st edition (Tanger - Tarifa)

        • first civil wireless link Africa - Europe
        • Audio/video streaming from ENSA Univerity (Marocco)

2003-04  LA MULTITUD CONECTA. Universidad Internacional de Andalucia - UNIA (Huelva) technical Team and satellite connection

2002    Started the Global Internet Streaming System (GISS) project (  Started radio channel and free culture community r23

2001 Started the hacklab in Barcelona, old town.

2000 Started Indymedia Barcelona (

Literature and edition

2004-05 Edition and selection of articles for the DASH project (EU-project)

1998Translations Spanish to Catalan for the Department of History. Universitat d´Alacant

1997  Editor of Vilaweb Alacant

1997  Novel published: “12:00am” Editorial ADE, València, 1997.
Autor of half a dozen of texts performaned mainly in Alacant city with some town hall awards. Sporadic Direction and Stagecraft with local groups.

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