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Margarete Deppe

born in Traunstein/ Germany
Lives as a freelanced musician in Vienna.

Studied in Salzburg and Vienna, Finished with diploma in 1992.
Master-classes of Rudolf Leopold and Heinrich Schiff
Free member of the "Wiener Kammerphilharmonie",
the "Klangforum Wien" and the "Deutschen Kammerphilharmonie" Bremen
Baroque-cellist at the "Wiener Akademie"
and the "Orpheus Orchester" Vienna.
Chamber musical cooperation with Paul Gulda,
Veronika Hagen and Ernst Kovacic.
Participating in different festivals.
( Osterfestval "Imago Dei" Krems, Morton Feldman
"Patterns in a chromatic Field f. Vc. u. Kl.)
"Cross-over" - projects with Mathias Ruegg, Christian Muthspiel,
Christoph Cech and Franz Hautzinger
Foundation of the  "Kulturspektakel"  together with
Renald Deppe in 1988 - in the city-initative Vienna (till 1996)
Foundation of the esemble "Cello X-tra" (4 violoncelli) in 2001.
(July 2002 "Children`s Songs" with works by E. Aichinger,
Chr. Cech, M. Ptak, R. Deppe, Florian Bramböck , Wolfgang Muthspiel and opthers.
Periodic participation in cultural-mediation-projects since 1997
(Klangnetze, Moment!Musik! Festival 21)

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