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Tomasz Nowakowski

born 1954 in Warsaw, Artist and Tai Chi master

He is interessted in the Far Eastern culture since he was ten years old. And  he has practised Tai Chi for 30 years now.
His main focus is true for two styles:
The Yang Style : 108 forms, Tuishou (push-hands),Tai Chi Schwordform San Feng Style: A rather unknown, inimitable family style out of the south of China, which was transfered  to Tomasz by Dr. Ming Wong C.Y.
Further on he was teached by Krzysztof Łozinski and other teachers.
Tomasz Nowakowski teaches in whole europe since 1982
(Austria, Czech Republik, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia) and is founder of the centre for Taoist arts „Goldener Hügel" in Prague.
He educates teachers in Qi Gong at the „Akademie für Gesundheit und Soziale Kompetenz" (PGA) in Linz, Austria.
He had educated over 40 Tai CHi -and Qi Gong teachers in the last 23 years.

His emphasis is on the intermediation of the Tai Chi principles and the transfer into common life.
He also teaches Tai Chi as an self-contained system and valuable part of culture.
Tomasz defined Tai Chi as a form of art, which is
comparable with painting or music, and at the same time as philosophy for the open mind and the self-development.

He co-operates with the „National Tai Chi Chuan Federation"
of the Republic of Taiwan since 2004.

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