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Emanuel Danesch

born 1976 in Innsbruck, Austria.


Emanuel Danesch, 1976 born in Innsbruck - Austria,
studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
As poly media artist in the broadest sense his projects and documentary films cover issues of cultural, economical and political transformation.
He was invited to numerous exhibitions and festivals in Austria and abroad and worked repeatedly in collaboration with other artists.
At the moment Emanuel Danesch lives in Vienna.

1994-1998 University of Applied Arts, Viennat, Vienna
1998-2001 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2004 Austrian National Grant for Art
2001 Prize of the „Emanuel und Sofie Fohn” foundation for the project „Utopia Travel”
1998 Prize of the „Emanuel und Sofie Fohn” foundation for the project „In front of – projection inside”

Solo Exhibitions / Projects:

-Completion of the project

-Completion of the documentary film CSR Promise Responsibility
-Completion of the film Outlines of a Homeland

- „Alterity Displays” Lawrence O´Hanna Gallery, London - Great Britain

- „Beyond the map - constructing narratives” Gallery „La Box”, Bourges - France

Realization of the Project „Utopia Travel” Danesch/ Rych (2000-2003):
 -Townhouse Gallery, Cairo - Egypt
-Espace SD, Beirut - Lebanon
-Sea Elephant Travel Agency / the Loft, Istanbul - Turkey
-Apartment Project, Istanbul - Turkey
-XXL Gallery, Sofia - Bulgaria
-SKC, Belgrade - Serbia café SCCA, Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina
-net.culture club mama, Zagreb - Croatia
-Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana - Slovenia
-Menza pri koritu Club / Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana - Slovenia
-<rotor> Association for Contemporary Art, Graz
-Secession - Vienna - within the framework of the exhibition of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Vienna

-„Das Experiment 3 - Utopia Travel” Danesch/ Rych - Secession, Vienna


- „bundy jumping” Institute for contemporary art, Academy of fine Arts, Vienna
- „In front of - projection inside” Kabelwerk, Vienna

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