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Tomislav Medak

Studied philosophy, German language and literature studies in Zagreb.
The focal points of his work are the bio-political,
the social- and media theorie, and particularly the socio-theoretical
effects of new technologies and new media.

Researchprogram and the publication of the
Multimedia-Institut in Zagreb.

He operates as an actor and choreographer for the
international well-established theatre company BADco.
Medak acts as a discourser in events for philosophy,
media - and
visual arts and sometimes as an
editor for information - and communication technology,

visual arts and radioprogrammes

His research work is currently focused on social - and cultural policy;
he researched the wide effects of existing surrounding conditions for IPR
(Intellectual Property Rights) as well as alternatives for them; more over the protection of the public assets, management systems and also the representation of creative productions.

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