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Berenice Pahl

born in Munich

Berenice Pahl - 247238.1

Attended a classical ballet apprenticeship in Munich at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung and accomplished 
her grammar school with the specialised courses Art and French.

She lives in Vienna since 1989. During she extracted her singing voice, she also completed the actress apprenticeship at the drama school Krauss in 1993.
She lives as a freelanced actress and singer in Vienna.
(Burgtheater, Klagenfurter Stadttheater, Studiobühne Villach, Theaterm.b.H, WUK, Kosmostheater, DieTheater, WUT, Nomad-Theatre, etc.)

Since 2000 she has enlarged her cruising radius to regie and book.

2002: Soloprogram „Ella geht l(i)eben“ in the "Theater in der Drachengasse"

2004: Founder of the artist group "Freigehege" togehter with Peter Hirsch.
They take a stand to sociopolitical themes by using film, video, installations and performances (der6tesinn, DieTheater Spielplatz,
Rosenheimerplatz Munich; ImFlieger, Kosmos, Höllenfahrt, etc)

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