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David Bovill

Schooling - Medicine 1988-1997 resulting in an MMBS at the University of
London and a life-long allergy to white coats. Philosophy 1994-1998 at
Birckbeck College London leading to a BA and a love of ideas. Immunology
and Bicohemistry BSC and Univesity of London - a first class honors
degree awarded in recognition of severe overwork, and a healthy but
critical respect for scientific research.

Geekdom and commerce - founded the Multimedia Authoring Centre at
Charing Cross Hospital (1990 - 1994) - followed by 6 years commercial
work, including:  Senor Development Editor (Multimedia) at Times Mirror
International Publishers - publishing 14 cross-platform multimedia
titles. Head of Production at CHBi (New Media Agency) and then Producer
at Lowe Interactive (top 10 London based advertising agency). Open
source developer and programmer (1998-present). Project manager for
open source systems on various projecs including web site and
video archive for OKTO (2004-2005).

Culture - founded Virtual Theatre Company in 1992, first performances in
1993. Worked with Union Dance Company (DTek Warriors), Primitive Science
on interactive performances using video projection, and interactive

sonic landscapes. Long term collaboration with Rolf Gelhar (composer and
producer with Stockhausen), and installations and London and abroad.
Elected to Finsbury Park Regeneration Board (1999 - 2003) - started
Finfest arts Festival. MCYP - a commission for the Stoke newington Arts
Festival with Turkish artist Dilek Winchester (1999). Residency at
Museums Quarter (Vienna) - Open Secret based on hacked NSA Archive
and also in 2004 - The Flower Bank (with Monochrom).

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