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Rick Falkvinge & Christian Engstroem



Fr. 08.06.07
21:00 Uhr   LABfactory

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"The Pirate Party wants to fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens' rights to privacy are respected.

Not only do we think these are worthwhile goals. We also believe they are realistically achievable on a European basis. The sentiments that led to the formation of the Pirate Party in Sweden are present throughout Europe. There are already similar political initiatives under way in several other member states. Together, we will be able to set a new course for a Europe that is currently heading in a very dangerous direction."

(Introduction to Politics and Principles)

Rickard Falkvinge
Christian Engstroem
Swedish Pirate Party
Jaume Nualart
Hacktivist rierta.net
Marco Baravalle
Alexander Nikolic
Nairobi SLUM.tv

Thomas J. Jelinek

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